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2017-18 SAHA Registration



Welcome to the 2017-18 Stillwater Area Hockey Association Online Registration for Players, Coaches, Managers, & Volunteers.

Please note, the deadline to register for Squirts, Peewees and Bantams has now passed and those levels are no longer available to register.

Important Registration Fee Notes

Each age group this season will have a base registration fee. When you register, you will have the option to pay the whole fee in full or elect to go through an online payment plan option.

A majority of the age groups have multiple levels such as the U12 age group where there will be U12 A and U12 B teams or for PeeWee's there will be AA, A, B1, B2 and C teams. No matter what level of play for each of those age groups, all registered players will pay a Base Fee during the registration period. 

After tryouts/evaluations, your registered player may be placed on a team that incurs an additional Team Fee, which will be handled by the applicable team managers/coaches for those particular teams. The Team Fee will be handled separately and after the online registration process.

Below is a chart that outlines the Base Fee and the estimated Team Fee for the 2017-18 season.

CAREFULLY REVIEW the online registration information and instructions provided on this page BEFORE registering your player(s) 

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Further Breakdown Of Fees

  • BASE FEE for each level is what you will authorize to pay at the time of registration.
    • Players selected for the following teams will be ASSESSED a per player FEE DIFFERENCE to be collected/paid at the team level via team fees in late October See fee chart for level fee differences per player.
      • Upper Mite Black & White teams
      • Girls 15UA | 12UA | 10UA | 8U3 teams
      • Boys AA | A |  B teams
    •  You will be required to pay the fee difference  no later than November 1, 2017.
  • TRYOUT FEES are INCLUDED in registration fees. ALL players will tryout and/or be evaluated. 
    • Boys' Tryout Fees | Squirt, PW, and Bantam levels will ELECT AA/A or B-Only or C-Only Evaluation option.  
    • Girls' Tryout/Preskate Fees | A significant per player discount has been applied to ALL levels from the Girls' Skate for the Roses fund. 
  • GOALIES |  Squirt/U10 and OLDER goalies will have a 25% DISCOUNT applied to registration fees.
  • FEE increase after SEPT 1 |  Registration fees for ALL levels will INCREASE BY $50 after Sept 1 to include a late fee. (Jr Gold does not have a late fee deadline and the Mites programs are not until October). 

2017-18 Registration Fee Overview

Level Base Fee Estimated Team Fee
Learn to Skate/Learn To Play Hockey $270 No Additional SAHA Fees Apply
U81/Intermediate Mites $360 No Additional SAHA Fees Apply
U82/Upper Level Mites Red $465 No Additional SAHA Fees Apply
U83/Upper Level Mites White/Black $465 $210
10U B $1,400 No Additional SAHA Fees Apply
10U A $1,400 $40
Squirt B2/C $1,520 No Additional SAHA Fees Apply
Squirt B1 $1,520 $95
Squirt A $1,520 $175
U12 B $1,585 No Additional SAHA Fees Apply
U12 A $1,585 $15
PeeWee C $1,585 No Additional SAHA Fees Apply
PeeWee B2 $1,585 $20
PeeWee B1 $1,585 $20
PeeWee A $1,585 $130
PeeWee AA $1,585 $175
U15 Girls B $1,480 No Additional SAHA Fees Apply
U15 Girls A $1,480 $130
Bantam B2/C $1,625 No Additional SAHA Fees Apply
Bantam B1 $1,625 $130
Bantam A $1,625 $155
Bantam AA $1,625 $260
U16 Boys A $1,375 No Additional SAHA Fees Apply
Junior Gold B $1,375 No Additional SAHA Fees Apply
Junior Gold A $1,375 No Additional SAHA Fees Apply

Team Fee Information

*** For the age groups that state "No Additional SAHA Fees Apply" in the table above, you will not have any further registration fees due to SAHA. However, your team manager may assign specific team fees, which are separate and unconnected to SAHA registration fees.***

Registration Deadlines

  • Upper Mite/Girls 8U3/Girls 8U2 |  Deadline Oct 1. *A $50 late fee will be applied to registrations processed after Oct 1.   
  • Intermediate Mite/Girls 8U1 | Deadline Oct 15. *A $50 late fee will be applied to registrations processed after Oct 15.  
  • Beginner Mites (co-ed)Learn to Skate -or- Learn to Play Hockey | Deadline Oct 15. 

    CLICK HERE for Mite/8U Registration Guidelines
  • Squirt/10U, Peewee/12U, and Bantam |  Deadline Sept 1. * A $50 late fee will be applied to registrations processed after Sept 1.
  • Girls 15U, JR Gold, Boys U16 | Deadline Sept 1 (Jr Gold does not have a late fee deadline)

  • All girls 15U MUST register with USA Hockey and attend the U15 tryout to be eligible to play U15 this year. Those girls who tryout and are rostered on the HS team will have their USAH registration cost reimbursed, with the exception of the tryout fee.
  • You may SKIP the USAH registration for now (Except U15), HOWEVER, ALL players rostered with SAHA will be required to register with USAH PRIOR to the start of tryouts. 
  • Players who make the HS team will have their registrations canceled and tryout fee refunded. 

ALL PLAYERS | Registration Instructions

STEP 1:  CLICK HERE to go to USA Hockey Registration to register your player(s).  Enter the NAME in the USAH registration as it appears on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Register using a permanent home street address (P.O. boxes will NOT be accepted).  Register EACH player with USA Hockey.  *High school aged players-see important note below.

STEP 2:  PROCEED with the 2017-2018 SAHA REGISTRATION by clicking on the registration LINK on this page.  You will be required to enter the 2017-2018 USA Hockey confirmation code(s) from Step 1.  

STEP 3:  COMPLETE and EMAIL required paperwork (Copy of your childs birth certificate, if not already on file) to the SAHA Registrar, Tammy Freeman at

All girls 15U MUST registration with USA Hockey and attend the U15 tryout to be eligible to play U15 this year. Those girls who tryout and are rostered on the HIS team will have their USAH registration cost reimbursed, with the exception of the tryout fee.
If you ARE participating in HS Tryouts, you are NOT required to complete the USA Hockey registration at this time.  If you are rostered with the HS team, USAH registration is NOT required.   If you are rostered with a SAHA team, the USAH registration IS required PRIOR to taking the ice.

Coaches, Managers & Volunteers - SCROLL DOWN
for Registration Instructions 

Financial Assistance

Applications are being considered for
Beginner/Intermediate Mites, Girls 8U1, Girls U15 and Jr Gold/U16 

The DEADLINE for all other levels was July 1, 2017Applications received after this date will be considered on a case-by-case basis and based on the amount of remaining financial aid funds.  

Applicants must contact the Financial Aid Coordinator PRIOR to completing online registration. 

CLICK HERE to email Jennifer McCurdy

ADDITIONAL TEAM EXPENSES/FEES | The SAHA board requires ALL teams considering additional team fees to have a meeting with parents to discuss discretionary team expenses.  Expenses are to be proposed as OPTIONS for consideration by all parents and only assessed if the parents, as a whole, elect to exercise them.  Discretionary expenses may include:  additional tournaments, additional practice ice, scrimmages, team gear, team events, etc. 

Payment Options

    SIX equal automatic installments will be billed to your credit/ debit card or bank account. 1/6 of the base fee amount is due for registrations completed between AUG 5-AUG 30 and subsequently on AUG 30, SEPT 15, OCT 15, NOV 15 AND DEC 15, 2017. If you are registering for Jr Gold, your payment structure is different because of Stillwater High School Hockey tryouts. For Jr Gold, registrants have the option to pay the full fee in full or can elect the payment plan option where you would be charged $45 at completion of the registration and then the remaining payments will be debited from your same account in three more equal installments on November 20, December 20 and January 20.NOTE: The later the registration is completed, the fewer the payment installments and the more you'll pay upfront.  For example, registrations completed between AUG 15-SEPT 14 will have FIVE payment installments with the installment amount due at registration to include JULY and AUG installment payments.    
    Upon completion of registration, a one-time payment in full will be charged to your credit/debit card or withdrawn from your bank account.   

* Neither SAHA or SportsEngine retain or store your bank account or credit/debit card information.  All payment information, including recurring billing are processed by Verisign and the transaction is secure through the merchant account.

Required Forms | PLAYERS

What do I need to submit to SAHA?

  • Gov't Issued Birth Certificate Players MUST have a birth certificate on file with SAHA.   (New players to SAHA or those who have not submitted a birth certificate in the past are required to do so).  *This must be a government issued birth certificate - hospital issued certificates will not be accepted.

*Birth certificate copies MUST be received by SAHA by SEPT 10, 2017  (Mite/8U forms should be received by corresponding registration deadline dates).  

EMAIL REQUIRED FORMS to Tammy Freeman at

USAH Consent To Treat

Please note, you will not need to complete the Consent To Treat form that was required in the past for USAH through online registration. Therefore you WILL NOT need to download the form and send in this season.

Coaches, Managers, & Volunteers

COACHES | What is required?

  • Current USA Hockey Confirmation #.  CLICK HERE to go to USA Hockey Registration 
  • SAHA Registration. You will need your current USAH confirmation # to complete the registration. 
  • MN Hockey Background Screening  (completed every 2 years) CLICK HERE and the Minnesota Hockey website will have the current background screening session posted.
  • Current USA Hockey SafeSport Training (completed every 2 years)CLICK HERE to complete. 
  • Current CEP Certification.  CEP Certifications are updated and obtained through USAH. CLICK HERE.
  • Concussion TrainingNew requirements from MN Hockey:  All coaches are required to complete concussion training every season.   You must fill out the form and attach the certificate of completion.  * That certificate can also come from another concussion course you may be completed previously. EMAIL your concussion certification form & completion certificate  to:  Tammy Freeman

An email was sent to all coaches in the 16-17 SAHA database  showing necessary requirements for the upcoming 17-18 season.  Coaches cannot be added to a team roster without the required SafeSport, Age-specific Player Module(s) and concussion training being complete.

  • Student Coaches:  Please print, complete, and submit the USA Hockey Student Coach form.

MANAGERS & VOLUNTEERS | What is required?

  •  USA Hockey Confirmation #.  CLICK HERE to go to USA Hockey Registration 
  • SAHA Registration (Managers ONLY).  You will need your USAH confirmation # to complete the registration.
  • MN Hockey Background Screening (completed every 2 years).   CLICK HERE to complete.
  • Current USA Hockey SafeSport Training (completed every 2 years)CLICK HERE to complete.

EMAIL your background screening status receipt to:
Tammy Freeman at



Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Justin Magill

SAHA Administrator